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  66We just want to say how impressed we are with the work Lis has done so far. We found the consultations we had very useful, informative and she very quickly identified what needed to be done. She also understood our students and how to work with them. Reports have already been sent to us a day later, very thorough and exactly what was asked for. We are looking forward to working with her in the long term. 99​- Natalie (Special Educational Needs Coordinator), grammar school Otley 05.11.18

  66Thank you so much for everything you have done for Jozi during her time at primary school. She really has grown loads! You have done a brilliant job. 99​- Diane, Yeadon 26.07.18

  66To Mrs Green, wow! What a difference a year makes. Sam has progressed so well this year, it's staggering really. Thank you so much for all your hard work and patience, we're so lucky to have you and the rest of the team. 99​- Lucy & Sam, Yeadon 25.07.18

 66Lauren, thank you for all your input with Storm. Her speech has improved so much! 99​- Alison & Mick, Yeadon 24.07.18 

 66Thank you for all the amazing work you do at school. I don't know what we would do without you - you nake such a big difference to the children. 99​- Lucy (SENCO), Leeds 23.07.18 

 66Thank you again Lauren for everything you did for Joshua. he has done amazing and that is down to all your hard work. Thanks again. 99​- Emma & Karl, Yeadon 23.07.18 

 66We're really pleased with Hayley's sessions so far and amazed at the progress Ellie has made already! Thank you. 99​- Rosie, Poppleton 08.05.18 

 66Commissioning Away With Words to provide an independent service for our school has worked well this year and we really feel that with Jemma's input we are on top of speech and language needs in school. 99​- Dawn, Head Teacher, Yeadon 26.04.18 

 66As a school we fully appreciate Lauren's skill and professionalism. Her suppport has had a very positive impact on the children she has worked with. 99​- Sandra, Early Years Lead, Otley 20.04.18 

 66We can't believe how much progress Cody has made through the speech therapy he has received at school. He's like a different little boy - so much more confident and we can undestand every word he says. 99​- Donna, Yeadon 06.03.18 

 66Lots of people are beginning to comment on how Imogen's speech has come on since she began therapy in January. Thank you for all that you are doing. 99​- Jemma, Bradford 04.03.18

 66Jemma has been absolutely fantastic, we’re really pleased with the progress our twin boys have made with her support and guidance, it’s something that not only we’ve noticed but their school and other family members have too.. 99​- Rebecca, Apperley Bridge  11.01.18

 66Jenny provides an excellent service, exactly what we hoped, very helpful & informative on how to support our son99​- Vicky, Leeds  31.10.17

 66Since working with Away With Words, speech and languag therapy has really made a differece to the children in our school. The work and individual programmes Lauren provided for us were excellent and really helped move the children forward.  Thank you for all your hard word and dedication to the cluster and our school. 99​- Julia, primary school SENCO, Otley  06.09.17

  66We're really happy with the service being provided by Away With Words and already noticing great improvements since referring Cameron in March. He's really enjoying the sessions and looks forward to seeing Jemma - she makes him feel at ease with it all and he's really showing awareness and effort to improve. 99​- Rebecca, Bradford 25.07.17

66We are so pleased with Seb's progress. The change in him is amazing. He's flourished into a little chatterbox! His expressive language is really good now and we are continuing to work on his speech sounds. Jo as always is great with him, he looks forward to his sessions. 99​- Anna, Sheffield 01.03.17

66​Thank you so much for all the work that has been carried out so far. I cannot overstate how much your work is helping us to put the correct provision in place for our children. On behalf of all the staff, children and parents I can't thank you enough! 99- Primary School SENCO, Otley 27.02.17

66We are very happy with Abdul's development since the speech sessions started, we as parents have learned a lot as well, so thank you and  please keep it up​.99​- Zaid, Leeds  21.02.17

 66​We are so pleased with the ongoing support from Jo - Crew  is really improving. Thanks for all you are doing.99- Wendy, Castleford  10.01.17

66Lauren, we just wanted to say thank you for all your hard work and the guidance you have given us in Sam's first year at school. His progress has been amazing and we know that your input has been a huge part of this. Thank you 99​- Sam, Linda, Sean & Matthew, Yeadon 26.08.16

 66​Thank you so much for everything you have done for Annabel this year. Your support has been invaluable - everything you have put in place has been so beneficial for us all as a family. Thank you thank you thank you! 99- Charlotte, Bradford 25.07.16

  66​Thank you for all your advice and support with our foundation stage children. We have learnt so much from you and we will keep up your good work! You will be very much missed! 99​- Foundation Stage staff, primary school, Bradford

 66Thank you so much for all your hard work and support you have given Joshua this year. The difference in him is amazing, we're so proud of him and we are so grateful to you. 99​- Emma, Yeadon 21.07.16

 66​Thanks for all your hard work and support at school this year. It is great having you as part of the team and the children you have worked with have made so much progress. Have a great summer, We will see you in September for more fun and games!  99 ​- Inclusion Manager, primary school, Leeds 20.07.16

66  The impact you have had on Euan has been beyond what we could ever have imagined. Through both yours and Euan's hard work the transformation in Euan has been both miraculous and rapid. Euan's speech is now very clear and he can be understood by everyone. This has had a massive impact on his everyday life - his confidence has iomproved, he has excelled at school and in the last year his reading and writing skills have expotentially improved. Euan will now speak readily and interact with other children and adults. We atribute much of this success to the work you have done with Euan. Family and friends have remarked on the progress he has made in the last 12 months. Euan really enjoyed attending therapy sessions - he had lots of fun and will certainly miss you.  We will be forever grateful.99 -  Gareth & Melissa, Morley 18.03.16     

66  Thank you for helping me with my speech. It has come on so much since you helped.  99 -  Sophie (age 4), Guiseley 17.12.15    

66  Thank you for all your help with Ella's speech this year. She has really come on a long way with your support.  99 -  Lauren, Guiseley 17.07.15   

66  Thank you for all your support during year one. Ruby would not be where she is now without you and would be struggling a lot more than she is.   99 -  Emma, Barnsley 15.07.15  

66  Our daughter is currently receiving weekly speech therapy after we contacted Away With Words in February. We couldn't be happier with the service we are receiving - it is making a huge difference to Katy's speech and lots of people, her teachers included, have commented on the improvement. We are very grateful for the ongoing therapy sessions, advice and support.   99 -  Emma, Leeds 20.05.15 

66  Professional, effiecient, thorough. Fantastic dynamic with our son. Very pleased with the service.99 Stuart, Gildersome 07.03.15

66  After his first assessment, Lauren provided four therapy sessions for my son. We were given clear and detailed advice and practical activities were demonstrated for us to continue. Lauren also contacted my son's school to talk through advice and sent resources to enable them to mirror what we are doing at home. The four sessions have given us the confidence to support my son's speech development. We have seen progress week on week and we know we can contact Lauren for further support at any stage. The service we have received has been prompt, reliable and always delivered with a smile! We can and will highly recommend Away With Words.99 - Kate, Horsforth 09.02.15

66 Lauren provides advice to help me understand and support my daughter's stammering. I no longer feel anxious about Sophie's stammer, and know what to do to help her when her stammer is at its worst, and when to get in touch for more support. I would highly recommend getting in touch with Away With Words if you are concerned about your child's speech, I'm certainly glad we did. Thank you.99 - Niamh, Wetherby 03.11.14

66 The support my son received throughout his diagnosis of ASD and the setting up of his PECS communication system following the diagnosis has made all the difference to us and I really don't know where we would be without Lauren. Thank you.99 - Anne, Leeds 02.11.14

66 We would just like to say a huge 'thank you' to you for all the help you gave Oliver to improve his speech. At parents evening Oliver's teacher said a few months of therapy had made a dramatic difference to his speech, not to mention his confidence. We were extremely proud when, as part of his class assembly, Oliver stood up, projected his voice right to the back of the room and every single word was pronounced perfectly! 99 - Mrs Wilson, Barnsley 10.10.14